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Switzerland Luxury Hotel ST 3X2 Neuchâtel View Of Neuchâtel From Roches De Lermitage 63765

Neuchâtel: A fusion of tradition and innovation on Lake Neuchâtel

Innovation and discovery

Neuchâtel's Old Town, watchmaking heritage, dynamic culture, and verdant surroundings blend Swiss tradition and innovation on its picturesque lake.

Neuchâtel Overview

Set along the shores of its namesake lake, Neuchâtel harmoniously blends Swiss tradition and modern innovation. This picturesque city boasts an immaculately preserved Old Town, a proud watchmaking heritage, and a dynamic cultural scene that celebrates art, science, and literature. Neuchâtel's verdant surroundings invite exploration, from the enchanting Val de Travers to the vineyard-clad slopes of La Côte aux Fées.

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