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Our mission

Our mission is to inspire our guests and to offer the very highest level of service in every respect.
We are among the leading hotels worldwide and constantly strive to optimise the services we provide. We expect nothing but the very best from the products and services provided by our suppliers.
We attach great importance to sharing both responsibility and recognition in an atmosphere characterised by teamwork and inspiration. As a leader in our field, we endeavour to bring out the very best in our staff by offering them efficient training programmes and meaningful career opportunities. We encourage individuality and personal initiative among our employees.


Eligibility criteria

1. Becoming a member of Swiss Deluxe Hotels

1.1. Only five-star superior hotels are eligible.
1.2. The hotel must be independently managed or belong to a hotel chain.
1.3. The hotel must be individually and personally managed.
1.4. The hotel must comply with the agreed rules.
1.5. The hotel must achieve the minimum score (80%) in the "Service Excellence" inspection.

2. Minimum qualitative requirements

Furniture/fittings and premises:
Compliance with the agreed requirements
These requirements are based on the SHV standards for five-star hotels as well as Swiss Deluxe Hotels’ own specific standards. These can be requested from the Swiss Deluxe Hotels head office.
A score of at least 80% in the mystery shopper “Service Excellence” inspection, which is currently carried out by Leading Quality Assurance.
In order to reflect the changing needs of international guests in luxury hotels, these standards are revised annually by the quality commission.

3. Minimum quantitative requirements

In principle there are no quantitative criteria (number of rooms, number of members, ownership, financial performance, etc.).

4. Geographical requirements and constraints

There are no geographical requirements (proximity of competing hotels, position, number of SDHs per location, etc.).

5. Minimum requirements for newly opened hotels

Newly opened hotels need only satisfy the hardware and software requirements outlined in point 2. Application for membership can be made before the hotel opens. However, the actual acceptance procedure (hardware and software inspection) will only take place after the hotel has officially opened for business.

6. Acceptance

The quality commission monitors developments on Switzerland's five-star market and suggests potential candidates for membership. All other members and head office can likewise suggest hotels for acceptance. A new hotel can submit an application to head office independently.
A hotel submits an application to SDH head office and the latter informs the hotel of the acceptance procedure. If the hotel agrees to this, it receives
a. a visit from the quality commission (hardware).
b. Once the hardware inspection has been satisfactorily completed, head office asks our neutral, external inspection company to check the service quality (“software”). The candidates are informed of the criteria to be satisfied before the inspection.
c. If this report is also satisfactory, the hotel is proposed as a member of Swiss Deluxe Hotels at the General Assembly and accepted in the event of a successful voting procedure.