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A Swiss Deluxe Hotels voucher makes any wish come true, however great or small, and is an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys being pampered, be it for a birthday, a wedding, Mother’s Day or simply as a token of appreciation.
The voucher is personal and can be redeemed in any Swiss Deluxe Hotel, subject to availability in the hotel concerned.

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The voucher may not be used for services at a Swiss Deluxe Hotel arranged by the hotel, but provided by third parties (e.g. limousine service, green fees or hotel shops etc.). Please clarify acceptance of the voucher with the hotel reception before purchasing such services. The voucher may not be exchanged for cash. Should the value of the service rendered be less than the value of the voucher, the hotel will issue a credit for the difference. Should the value of the service rendered exceed the value of the voucher, the guest is to settle the difference. Validity of vouchers is limited to two years from the date of issue. After this period, the voucher expires without the purchaser or holder of the voucher having any right to compensation.