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EHL Group

EHL Group is the global reference in education, innovation and consulting for the hospitality and services sector.

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With expertise dating back to 1893, EHL now offers leading educational programs ranging from apprenticeships to master's degrees, as well as professional and executive education, on three campuses in Switzerland and Singapore. EHL also provides consulting and certification services to companies and learning centers around the world. True to its values and dedicated to building a sustainable world, EHL is committed to providing education, services and working environments that are people-centered and open to the world.

Hero image: EHL Group draws its strength from EHL Hospitality Business School which is regularly recognized as the world’s best university in hospitality management.

Left: As technology gets ever more sophisticated, and artificial intelligence becomes a part of our everyday lives, there will be major shifts in how we learn, how we work, and how we interact with one another. But one thing will remain constant: the importance of human interactions, authentic connections, and shared experiences to our overall wellbeing.

“We empower growth by nurturing excellence in human experiences.”

Markus Venzin,
CEO of EHL Group

EHL’s unrivalled faculty apply experiential learning techniques to teach hands-on knowledge that brings transferable skills that are valuable for any vocation.
With a rich history spanning over 130 years, EHL is more than an institution, it's a community where hospitality is a way of life.