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“We love and live wine”. We are privileged to share our passion with the SDL Hotels and support them to increase the value of the customers experience of their guests.

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The Globalwine AG was founded in 1998 in Zürich. The strategy is defined in the functionality of an importer of international wine brands, whereby the distribution is managed with exclusive rights within the Swiss territory.

The portfolio contains 45 Wineries and Distilleries and is mainly represented by family owned wineries, managed for generations and with a long term view and international brand awareness. Further the portfolio includes small boutique wineries with unique history and limited quantities.

The portfolio includes admarible brands as Taittinger, Juan Gil, Miquel Torres, Tenuta Argentiera, Dieter Meier Family Estate, Penfolds and further more.

One of our core strategic goals is to offer international brands for international guests and to create an added value to the SDL’s wine portfolios.

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Additionally we act as winemaking consultants with our oenologe Alain Bramaz and his team, who already have created brands of highly rated wines as Zambujeiro located in the Alentejo in Portugal and the Ojo de Aqua Argentinia as well as Oje de Ibiza from Dieter Meier Family.