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Positioner is the leading hotel positioning, branding, website communication and online marketing agency in Switzerland.

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For exceptional destinations that want to go places.

We invite refined hospitality and travel brands on a refreshing journey to find and optimise their unique position in the market – a position driven by analytics and inspired by a creative, digital, and tailor-made approach to branding. With our Swiss precision, Italian flair, global network, and 20 years of experience working with distinguished hotel and travel partners, you can prepare for an itinerary that uncovers the precious nature of your brand and entices your potential visitors to start their own journey to your destination.

“We position ambitious travel and hospitality brands in the market - from idea to strategy to reality.”

Daniele Bianda,
CEO Positioner

A human approach that’s good for business

Hospitality is all about people. And just like your hotel, our business revolves around human experiences.

Our human approach starts with a group of experts who see you not as a customer but as a long-term partner.

The enduring international partnerships that we have had has allowed us to continuously drive growth and evolve your brand. It has also led to our distinctive methodology that efficiently unites strategic and operational activities in a tailor-made and measurable fashion to optimise your guests’ experience journey.

We combine a unique blend of creativity, technology and business performance

We believe that successful projects can be created only by contamination of competencies.

Our multidisciplinary team growth over the past two decades to keep enhancing the individual expertise of each team partner. At the same time, our company culture enhances and promotes exchange and competencies sharing.

This process, over the years, led Positioner to organise a multidisciplinary architecture of competencies that are collaborating on projects with the only aim of creating unique brand experiences. We do that by blending creative competencies, technology know-how and business expertise.

It’s all about the journey – the whole journey

Step 1. Positioning
Finding your unique position in the market

Step 2. Branding
Defining your presence in the market

Step 3. Customer Experience
Make your products and service world stand out and stay true to your DNA

Step 4. Marketing & Performance
Figuring out how you bring your brand to your guests in a way that keeps them happy and your business happy