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Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Preferred Suppliers

Swiss Deluxe Hotels enjoy the support of selected leading suppliers and service providers, essential to the continued satisfaction of our guests.
The stimulating exchange of experience also guarantees that the results achieved to date and our high quality standards continue to be seen in the future.

Natural products have always been the essence of Andros. We accept only the best produce and champion the simplicity of our recipes, which have been developed with dedication and expertise over four generations by our family business. Andros Chef can give the gastronomic community access to the broadest range of 100% natural fruit ingredients. The needs and desires of chefs drive us to achieve greater heights - for professionals who are like us, curious by nature.

Bonne Maman pays infinite attention to each of its recipes: from the selection of the best ingredients to their preparation as close as possible to homemade, so as not to distort them. And if time, care and authenticity are the foundations of her recipes, emotion is at the heart of them.

Boucherie du Palais has embodied quality and know-how since 1976. In order to guarantee an irreproachable meat quality, the contact with passionate breeders is permanent. In terms of charcuterie, artisanal production and "house" specialties are the watchwords of Boucherie du Palais.

The G. Bianchi AG stands for five family generations with more than 140 years of tradition and experience in the import, processing, and sales of fresh and frozen food. Today, the family business is a wholesaler and producer of food at the same time and delivers globally and locally sourced fish, shellfish, meat, poultry, game, delicacies and convenience products to hotels and restaurant businesses all over Switzerland on a daily basis.

The company has developed from running a small delicacies store in Zurich’s old town into owning an own logistics network with over 140 vehicles that storm out into all regions of Switzerland, ensuring a unique service experience to clients. Quality, availability and a service mindset are at the core of the company’s identity.

Globalwine has been advising first-class producers on perfecting viticulture for over 25 years. The company offers discerning customers an up-to-date premium portfolio that meets the highest quality standards at fair prices.

The Swiss chocolate factory Läderach chocolatier suisse represents freshness, artisanal skills and Switzerland. A family company founded in 1962, Läderach employs approximately 1,500 people from 50 countries across the group, which is headquartered in the canton of Glarus, Switzerland. Läderach monitors the entire production process from the cocoa bean all the way to the shop counter, and manufactures its products exclusively in Switzerland. The company is thus one of the few premium producers that can guarantee sustainable quality from the cocoa bean to the end product. Its premium artisanal products are currently sold in over 100 Läderach chocolateries with sale sites in 15 different countries, as well as through sales partners in the Middle East and Asia. Chocolate lovers can also enjoy the convenience of ordering Läderach specialties from Switzerland in the online shop.

As a gastronomy specialist, Mérat supplies Swiss restaurateurs, top chefs and large kitchens. Mérat offers a wide range of meat, poultry and seafood specialities. Whenever possible, Mérat AG uses Swiss raw materials. We offer our customers only first-class quality at competitive prices.

Our passion for the best and highest quality raw materials has a long history of tradition. Narimpex, with its production facility in Biel, is an internationally renowned producer of a diverse range of premium products, which includes honey, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

Pleasure, swissness, lifestyle: The only Swiss made caviar "Oona" makes its appearance in the market in a natural and sustainable manner, produced with the finest craftsmanship. The beautiful grain, a unique delight from the Swiss Alps.

Passion and expertise for premium foods and beverages from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan. Our carefully selected range includes spirits, soft drinks, ethnic food as well as sweets and snacks.

Pakka sells organic fair trade nuts, chocolate and dried fruits. Thanks to strong partnerships with producers in the countries of origin, Pakka guarantees a responsible value chain from cultivation to the consumer. Pakka products are ideal as a healthy, enjoyable snack or giveaway for discerning guests.

Founded in 1905, Patiswiss specializes in the processing and refinement of nuts and seeds to create semi-finished and finished products and carries a wide range of products from internationally renowned brands. The company operates according to the principles of safety, indulgence and regeneration.

Suter Viandes has been at the service of gastronomy since 1871. Our master butcher refine exceptional meat and produce our traditional hams and sausages with ancestral recipes and this has been done for over 150 years. We are a Family Business in the 6th generation, aiming to serve the best quality.

We are the supply partner for the hotel industry. With a full range of over 25,000 items, you get everything you need for your guests in one delivery. Transgourmet: fresh deliveries guaranteed.

Since 1958, the company, owned by the family, has been a pioneer in the chips industry and has remained committed to Switzerland as a location. Thanks to its innovative ideas, a strong sense of quality and a unique fresh service, Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG is one of the strongest brands in Switzerland.

Become a Preferred Supplier

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If you would like to become a preferred supplier of Swiss Deluxe Hotels and benefit from the exclusive platform of the most discerning hotels in Switzerland, we would be more than happy to peruse your application. Please write to us at [email protected]