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La Réserve EDEN AU LAC Zurich


La Muña (13 GaultMillau Points)
Perched on the sixth floor and accessible directly via the glass elevator in the lobby, La Muña overlooks the city from its tree-lined roof terrace. La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich's second restaurant is a treasure chest, mingling imaginary memories of moments spent on the lake with extraordinary objects found in the city and around the world. La Muña offers a unique 360° view of the historic center, with the lake and the Alps in the distance.

Eden Kitchen & Bar (1 Michelin Star, 14 GaultMillau Points)
On the ground floor, with its large bay windows opening onto the outside, Eden Kitchen & Bar promises to be an essential meeting point in Zurich. Light plays on the natural leather sofas and tables, gently tinted by the multicolored stained-glass window created by the artist Ara Starck.

Light-colored floors, red wood and boat oars and hulls are just some of the design cues that create a warm and relaxed atmosphere and serve as reminders of the hotel's attachment to the lake. The large open kitchen stages a non-stop show, in which everyone can admire the expert touch and creativity of the teams headed by Italian chef Marco Ortolani, veteran of prestigious restaurants in Italy and London, not to mention experience gained in Argentina and Hong Kong.

Контактная информация

Thomas Maechler
Генеральный менеджер

La Réserve EDEN AU LAC Zurich

Utoquai 45
8008 Zürich
Тел. +41 44 266 25 25
[email protected]


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