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Suite Talk - La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich

Lodgings offering guests a welcome respite have been around since early biblical times. Over the centuries, taverns and rustic guest­rooms at road-side inns have matured into the ­multifarious­ hotel landscape we know today.

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The ultimate differentiator of any sleepery worth its five-star standing, however, are its suites: ­presidential, royal, or honeymoon suites and manifold declinations of junior, ­executive, corner, or terrace suites – all there to offer guests the apex of luxury and comfort. One particular type, however, the signature suite, is oftentimes the pièce de résistance of a hotel. Not as large or ­lavish as its presidential or royal counterparts, it is frequently the sort of commodious dwelling that reflects the true DNA of a ­property, often enough thanks to prominent guests who once rested or feted in them, or by their tale-telling design elements. As I write this, I find myself in one such gem of the latter ­variety at the comprehensibly refurbished La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich on the shores of Lake Zurich. Two masterfully appointed «Eden Suites» include all of the elements of junior, executive, corner, terrace, lakefront, and, why not, honeymoon suites and occupy an entire front-floor. A capacious lounge, a bedroom and roomy corner bathroom are surrounded by four elegant wrought iron balconies offering picture perfect vistas of Lake Zurich, the surrounding hills and the Alps beyond. It’s just the right size and features all the finely-tuned suite components hedged by the humdrum of the fashionable Seefeld district. Chronicling an imaginary yacht club dreamed up by interiors guru Philippe Starck, nautical accents are dotted around the property yet, paradoxically, the pioneer of the so-called «democratic ­design» has conjured up a wonderfully exclusive and sober décor that at first sight is hardly recognisable as his own. Minutiae here and there hint at his bolder signature style of yesteryears but it is the superposition of the exposed original 100-year old structure with savvy modern patterns that come forward as true showstoppers. Solid exposed brick meets myriad textile surfaces, while rattan wallcoverings harmonise with brushed metal fixtures. Leathers, trim-lined sofas and chipped marble come together in a modern and achingly handsome interior that radiates spirit and intimacy. With interiors this slick and views this striking, it is easy to sweet-talk guests into main-sailing their monogrammed luggage right into this suite.

Reasons to leave the suite:

Wine & Dine

Perched on the sixth floor in the former attic beneath the hotel’s spectacular dome, La Muña ­towers over Zurich from a magnificent rooftop terrace. Japanese-­Peruvian delights courtesy of chef Miya Gunji are served outdoors or inside, where the monumental framework of the building is highlighted with yet more original brick walls and ­exposed wooden floors that ­create a truly unique setting.

Rock your badi

For more than 120 years, boho-chic crowds have jumped from Seebad Utoquai’s diving boards into the cool waters of Lake Zurich to reach pontoon rafts anchored some 50 metres away on a quest for the perfect tan. This historic lido on the city’s lakefront promenade is favoured by locals and visitors alike for the ultimate summer splash.

Early bird pedal pushing

Zurich insiders will tell you that early-morning biking along the lake is probably one of the most beautiful urban cycling routes in the country. Push your ­pedals ­before the first signs of rush-hour to reach the other side of the lake, crossing the Limmat all the way to Mythenquai, and ­discover the various rowing clubs while you wave across the water to La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich.


Photo Michel Reybier Hospitality

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