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Arosa: A charming village for year-round adventure.

Pristine slopes and verdant scenery

With pristine slopes for skiers and verdant trails for hikers, Arosa is a year-round paradise.

Arosa Overview

Tucked away in the picturesque Schanfigg Valley, Arosa is a delightful gem boasting crystal-clear lakes and awe-inspiring mountain scenery. This snow-crowned sanctuary offers skiers and snowboarders an unforgettable experience on its pristine slopes while the summer beckons nature lovers to uncover the valley's verdant beauty. Arosa's lively town centre features an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants, creating an idyllic retreat for visitors.

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Marco Campanella combines cucumber with passion fruit and in doing so makes the best ravioli in Switzerland. A profile of a culinary artist whose forthright and curious nature is reflected in every one of his dishes.

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Over 360 Alpine bends lie ahead of us. My fingers are tingling. My hands would now rather be clutching the slim handlebars of a road bike and not the padded car steering wheel.

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It’s a short, but transformative journey on the aerial walkway connecting the plush Tschuggen Grand Hotel to the Bergoase Spa with its iconic light sails. For you’re not leaving comfort behind – you’re on your way to experience wellness in a whole new way.

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Down to earth and up in Arosa… destination WELL-BEING! Unpretentious, authentic –that’s Arosa... Chill and let the good times roll... on the slopes, on the streets or at the spa. Take it easy. That’s Arosa style.

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Arosa is notorious for its après-ski culture. But can connoisseurs with higher standards also find bliss and satisfaction? Join us for a curated tour, bar-hopping through this idyllic Alpine village.

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