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Swiss Deluxe Hotels

Preferred Suppliers

Swiss Deluxe Hotels enjoy the support of selected leading suppliers and service providers, essential to the continued satisfaction of our guests.
The stimulating exchange of experience also guarantees that the results achieved to date and our high quality standards continue to be seen in the future.

GLM - The Art of Limousine Service
Providing excellence in guest mobility for the Swiss Deluxe Hotels for well over a decade. At GLM, the guests and the quality of the individual services are the centre of attention. Expectations should not only be fulfilled - GLM wants to surpass them.

Sponti-Car is an innovative car-sharing service that gives all employees low-cost access to an electric car.

Employees represent a very specific target group and require innovative and creative ideas from you to reach and, above all, retain this target group. Often, board and lodging is offered in jobs for hotel and restaurant employees. To make you even more attractive as an employer, you also cover the area of mobility with the Sponti-Car offer, also a basic need of the population. You offer climate-friendly mobility to all employees and we implement the complete mobility concept.
This is how you score: attractive workplace, innovative employer, sustainability and ecology, savings potential for your employees and optimised parking management.

Become a Preferred Supplier

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If you would like to become a preferred supplier of Swiss Deluxe Hotels and benefit from the exclusive platform of the most discerning hotels in Switzerland, we would be more than happy to peruse your application. Please write to us at [email protected]