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Lugano: Swiss-Italian charm, lakeside views, and rich culture

Laid-back lakeside living

Lugano epitomises Swiss-Italian charm with its picturesque lakeside setting, laid-back atmosphere, vibrant piazzas, and rich cultural offerings.

Lugano Overview

Embraced by the verdant slopes of Monte Brè and Monte San Salvatore, Lugano exemplifies Swiss-Italian charm at its finest. The picturesque lakeside city exudes a laid-back atmosphere, enticing visitors with its vibrant piazzas, subtropical parks, and delectable Ticino cuisine. Lugano's rich cultural offerings provide a captivating experience that satisfies the most discerning of travellers of all ages.

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Ticino’s biggest city has long been renowned for its parks, flower gardens and villas. Over the past few years, however, it has also gained a reputation for its cultural offering. Located between Zurich and Milan, Lugano today combines scenic beauty with an extensive range of cultural activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether your interest lies in nature, history, art or sociology, the region’s 36 museums are sure to delight and enthral any culture fan with a wide-ranging programme of exhibitions and events throughout the year.

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It's hard to believe that you're still in Switzerland, just a two-hour train ride from Zurich, once you arrive at the sun-drenched terrace of this beautiful location. With an average of 2000 hours of sunshine per year, this idyllic spot has its unique pace of life that encourages visitors to slow down the minute they arrive.

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