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5 Things To Do in Lugano

Swiss Deluxe Hotels Stories Summer 2020 5 Things To Do (Lugano) 01 Lugano Centro Vista Aerea, Lugano © Milo Zanecchia 2017 Ecirgb
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Retro Yachting

A scenic boat trip on the Lugano lake offers views at every corner. About two thirds of the territory is Swiss, the rest is Italian, so one can choose from very different itineraries and boats, ranging from a modern ferry to a classic, wooden boat. For a really fun trip, hire a pedalo: They are great exercise and have a deliciously retro design. A well deserved gelato can be a great idea after the effort!

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Monte Bré

Ticino means palm trees, lakes, and … mountains, of course! Monte Bré and Monte San Salvatore are the two major sightseeing spots near Lugano. I pick Monte Bré as my favourite because I love its pretty, steep red cable car, that takes you from Lugano to the unspoiled summit at 933 m. above sea level. The breathtaking view stretches as far as Monte Rosa, the Alps and, of course, the gulf of Lugano. There are routes for any level of walking, hiking and mountain biking. Two restaurants and a museum complete the offer.

Swiss Deluxe Hotels Stories Summer 2020 5 Things To Do (Lugano) 01 Lugano Centro Vista Aerea, Lugano © Milo Zanecchia 2017 Ecirgb
Old Town and Shopping

When I go to Lugano, I always meet someone I know in Piazza della Riforma – basically a meeting point for locals and a favourite spot for coffee or snacks. This beautiful square in the centre of the town is surrounded by neoclassical buildings and hosts many important events, concerts, and festivals, especially during the summer season. From there, you can walk to different alleys with pretty arches and pillars, and enjoy Via Nassa, the famous shopping destination known for its high-end shops.

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Visit the LAC

The LAC is Lugano’s bubbly cultural hub, designed … per tutti (for everybody)! It is worth a visit even just for its iconic architecture, where indoor and outdoor merge, and one has almost the impression of flying over the lake. Art, photography, music, talks, free events, opera, and crazy installations are offered year round. Even if you are not interested in the exhibitions, just walk in as the LAC were an ordinary street, or enjoy a coffee in its lively cafe.

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Spectacular Gandria Trail

A picturesque arch marks the beginning of the prettiest walk in Ticino – the Gandria trail. From there, one can choose to walk towards the village, or go to Parco degli Ulivi, located on the slopes of Monte Bré, that benefits from a mild climate even during the winter, thanks to its southern exposure and protection from the winds. Take your time to enjoy the little alleys, the houses mirroring in the water, the blooming flowers, the lake, and mountains views.

Words Beatrice Lessi

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