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Best Winter Sport Luxury Hotels in Switzerland

Winter thrills

Exhilarating winter sports on Switzerland’s majestic mountains for unparalleled adventures.

21 Hotels perfect for Winter Sports


Valeria Walther participated for the first time in a White Turf skijoring race in St. Moritz at the age of 18. In this discipline, horsewomen stand on skis and are pulled by the horse across the racecourse on a rope. The start is ­explosive, and fights for position are tough. In 2019, 21-year-old Valeria won a silver medal. Next year, the native from neighbouring Pontresina will fight for a place on the podium for the sixth time in a row.

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In 1907, an exclusive international event took place on Lake St. Moritz for the first time. Now, carried out every year, White Turf is one of Switzerland’s top events. Horses and jockeys from all corners of the globe compete on the frozen lake. It’s a place to enjoy a stroll, clink glasses with friends and acquaintances, to see and be seen a small, elegant world filled with energy, passion and leisure.

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St. Moritz owes its global significance as a winter sport ­resort to its breath-­taking ­location in the ­mountains – and a ­clever ­hotel owner.

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