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La Vie en Rose

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Seven top rosé wines

Rosé wine is a popular tipple – especially during the summer months. Luckily, there are plenty of varieties to choose from. We’ve put together a list of seven incredible wines that we think you’re going to enjoy! Best served chilled on the veranda, in the garden or by the sea, rosé wine is seriously trending right now. Did you know that pink wine is simply a fruity take on red wine without the tannins or the deep colour? There’s no better way to soak up those carefree summer vibes. Try it as an aperitif or pair it with light bites featuring tomatoes or melons. Or maybe even serve it up with fish dishes or barbecue feasts. The main thing is that you get the quality of your pink drink just right. A good rosé is dry, fruity, fresh, light, subtle and not overly complex.

There are a few different ways to make rosé wine, including direct pressing. This method does what it says on the tin, with the red wine grapes being pressed directly to avoid contact between the juice and skins. Another option is limited skin maceration, which involves the grape juice being left in contact with the skins for a set amount of time (usually just a matter of hours). The longer the maceration, the darker and more richly flavoured the wine will be.

There are plenty of rosé varieties to choose from. As is often the case with wine, it all comes down to personal preference. What you like and what you don’t like. Here’s our selection of seven wines from four countries that are best enjoyed on a carefree summer’s day.

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Clarette Rosé Cuvée Weingut Knipser, Palatinate Germany – 2019

This German winegrower specialises in all things rosé. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes, this scintillating example of elegance has a beautiful aroma and delicious, well-balanced aftertaste. CHF 17.50 – rieslingco.ch

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Domaine de L’Ile Rosé, Domaine de L’Ile France – 2019

Provence in the south of France is the rosé wine paradise par excellence. This moderate organic wine with fresh, fruity notes is made from the region’s main grape varieties (think Grenache, Syrah, Cinsaut and Mourvèdre) and goes beautifully with fish dishes. CHF 18.20 – arvi.ch

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Château la Verrerie, Luberon France – 2019

Straight from the south of France, this rosé is a firm favourite. This organic, medium-bodied wine made by pressing Grenache and Cinsaut grapes is light salmon pink in colour with complex aromas, punchy acidity and sweet fruity notes. CHF 17.50 – Jeroboam.ch

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A’Toscana Rosato Aldobrandesca, Tuscany Italy – 2019

This well-balanced, elegant wine is ideal for summer thanks to its beautifully complex aromas. It is fruity, fresh, lush, rich and finely structured. It is made entirely using the Aleatico grape grown locally. CHF 36 – bindella.ch

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Rosato Conte Lemar Tenute Gregu, Sardinia Italy – 2019

This Italian wine made from Cannonau and Vermentino grapes is full-bodied, dense, fresh and lingering with a complex bouquet that packs a peppery punch. Beautifully versatile. CHF 24 – vergani.ch

Swiss Deluxe Hotels Stories Summer 2021 La Vie En Rose 07 Chiaretto Riviera Del Garda Comincioli 2019 Ecirgb

Chiaretto Riviera del Garda Comincioli, Lombardy Italy – 2019

This bright pink wine is clean, fruity, fabulously fresh, rich and lingering. Made by pressing Groppello, Barbera, Sangiovese and Marzemino grapes. CHF 24.90 – caratello.ch

Swiss Deluxe Hotels Stories Summer 2021 La Vie En Rose 02 Weissherbst 2020 Ecirgb

Weissherbst, Weingut Broger Thurgau Switzerland – 2020

Michael Broger produces pure, simple and elegant wines, as this Pinot Noir variety proves with its light salmon pink colour, crisp acidity and lingering aftertaste. Deliciously thirst-quenching. CHF 19 – broger-weinbau.ch

Words Peter Keller

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