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Switzerland Luxury Hotel ST Bad Ragaz Taminaschlucht 10111

Bad Ragaz: thermal waters, fun & adventure in St Gallen's Rhine Valley

A haven for health and healing

A tranquil oasis with thermal waters, cultural experiences, fine dining and outdoor activities for adventure and pleasure seekers.

Bad Ragaz Overview

Famed for its therapeutic thermal waters, Bad Ragaz lures visitors to its tranquil oasis, cradled within the picturesque St. Gallen Rhine Valley. The village's dedication to wellness is matched by its passion for cultural enrichment, as evidenced by the illustrious sculpture park, diverse art galleries, fine dining and local wineries. Adventure seekers will delight in outdoor activities, from leisurely hikes to adrenaline-fueled mountain biking.

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Amanda Wassmer-Bulgin’s official title at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is Wine Director. But the wife of Sven Wassmer, whose restaurant Memories has been adorned with three Michelin stars since autumn 2022, isn’t only a force to be reckoned with when it comes to wine.

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A trip to a thermal spa with a water-loving Labrador – what could go wrong?

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A zippy vintage car, striking scenery and some of the finest epicurean destinations the country has to offer. With Switzerland’s landscapes that are nothing short of sensational, what could be more enticing than a road trip through its idyllic scenery starring wondrous mountains and lakes?

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Champagne for the aperitif, Pinot Blanc with fish, Brunello with lamb … alcoholic beverages can be the perfect accompaniment to gourmet fare. Ideally, the right pairing enhances the flavours of the food. But what if you want to enjoy a nice meal without drinking alcohol?

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While there are many talented chefs, only a handful ­possesses a clear creative signature to match that of Sven Wassmer. One year after its premiere, his restaurant, ­Memories, has become a beacon of Alpine cuisine.

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