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Switzerland Luxury Hotel ST 3X2 Montreux Riviera 30082

Montreux: Music, culture, and natural beauty on the Swiss Riviera

Riviera living and Belle Époque splendour

Montreux's famed jazz festival, romantic promenade, thriving music scene, and culinary arts add to its artistic charm along Lake Geneva

Montreux Overview

Famous for its annual Jazz Festival, Montreux is an artistic oasis nestled along the shores of Lake Geneva. The city's romantic promenade, lined with palm trees and Belle Époque architecture, epitomises the charm of the Swiss Riviera. Montreux's cultural offerings are further bolstered by a thriving music scene, a passion for the culinary arts, fantastic hotels and an enduring appreciation for the natural beauty of its surroundings.

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It would be a bit of a stretch, considering I can hardly breathe in an underwired bra – but nonetheless, I can’t help picturing myself swanning daintily through the extra-wide, historic halls of Montreux’ legendary Le Fairmont Palace in my hooped skirts. But I’ll be damned if I let my old-timey daydreams get in the way of three days of proper pampering on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva.

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When the flood light poles of Letzigrund Stadium shine their gleaming light on the arena, the Weltklasse Zürich venue looks like a gigantic spaceship that just landed in the city. Perhaps, the architects’ intention had been to point to the fact that Letzigrund Stadium is an ideal stage for extra-earthly performances.

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