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Visit Vevey's artistic charm and history on the shores of Lake Geneva.

From Chaplin to chocolate

Nestled between the Alps and Lake Geneva, Vevey's cultural scene and iconic landmarks make for an inspiring Swiss getaway.

Vevey Overview

Framed by the majestic Alps and the shimmering waters of Lake Geneva, Vevey is a picturesque spot infused with an artistic spirit. Home to the iconic Charlie Chaplin museum and other landmark attractions, the charming town seamlessly merges its rich history with forward-thinking ideas. Vevey's vibrant cultural scene encompasses the Alimentarium, the Swiss Camera Museum, and a myriad of festivals, ensuring that each visit is unique and inspiring.

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During the Belle Époque, English aristocrats discovered the ‘Swiss Riviera’ between Montreux and Geneva as a tourist spot famed for its promenades lined with cypress and palm trees against the backdrop of the Alps. And now it’s a hotspot for connoisseurs thanks to its traditional grand hotels, world-class restaurants and idyllic Lavaux Vineyard Terraces.

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Mummy, is that lady in a bathrobe and towel turban the mother of the richest man in the world? One of my daughters asked me that while we more or less tiptoed into the Grand Hôtel du Lac Spa, trying not to be too obvious with our espionage.

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The Grand Hôtel du Lac is an elegant place. Mara (12) & Ella (7) share their views on their ­luxury hotel experience in Vevey.

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