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Switzerland Luxury Hotel ST 3X2 Vitznau Lake View 30095

Vitznau offers first-rate hotels, lakeside scenery & culinary delights

Scenic, selective & serene

Vitznau offers a luxurious lakeside retreat with first-rate hotels, exquisite spas, scenic hikes, and a vibrant culinary scene.

Vitznau Overview

Situated on the tranquil shores of Lake Lucerne, Vitznau is a serene sanctuary where nature and luxury intertwine. Famed for its opulent hotels and world-class spas, the village also serves as a gateway to the magnificent Mount Rigi, beckoning visitors to explore its panoramic trails. Vitznau's picturesque setting and vibrant culinary scene create a genuinely unforgettable Swiss escape that appeals to all the senses.

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The region between Lucerne and Vitznau is a hotspot for creative concepts with a unique signature – Asian-inspired and using the very best Swiss products, from free-range pork to Alpine Sbrinz cheese.

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A zippy vintage car, striking scenery and some of the finest epicurean destinations the country has to offer. With Switzerland’s landscapes that are nothing short of sensational, what could be more enticing than a road trip through its idyllic scenery starring wondrous mountains and lakes?

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´This is as close as connoisseurs will get to the holy grail of the wine world.´

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Is there really a general manager out there who managed to up room rates and extend the average length of stay during the pandemic? There sure is.

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Has been working as Chef de Cuisine at the fine dining restaurant «focus ATELIER »since spring 2018. Already in February 2019, the renowned Michelin Guide awarded his delicate and high-contrast cuisine with two of the coveted stars.

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