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Oysters, Baby!

Traditionally known as an aphrodisiac, oysters are now being hailed as a deluxe superfood. And they are a firm favourite amongst foodies – especially when accompanied by a glass of sparkling champagne. Luca Bianchi supplies the whole of Switzerland with these sought-after delicacies and knows how to shuck them like a pro.

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´We import fresh oysters from France every day and send them straight on to our customers. The oysters are harvested in the morning, transported to Switzerland overnight and then forwarded directly to the customers. The price depends on the variety, country of origin, container and season.´

´There are two main types of oysters: les plates (flat) and les creuses (cupped). The oysters most people are familiar with come from France, the home of the Bélon, Marennes and Gillardeau varieties. But you can also get your hands on exceptional oysters from the Netherlands (Imperial and Wilde Wad), Germany (Sylter Royal) and Ireland (Galway and Kelly). And we mustn’t forget American and Pacific/Japanese oysters, which we are less familiar with.´

´As with all raw seafood, oysters don’t stay fresh for long. That’s why it’s important for the cold chain to be maintained when they are being transported. They need to be stored at or below 4 or 5 degrees. It can help to apply some weight or pressure to slow down their natural opening. Oysters last for around ten days, but they should always be examined to check they are still fresh.´

´Oysters taste of minerals and the salty sea, leaving behind a slightly meaty, milky, nutty aftertaste. They are classed as a superfood because they are nutritional gold mines with very little fat, a low calorie count, plenty of protein, vital minerals, trace elements and a high zinc content that boosts the immune system. And then there’s the aphrodisiac myth, which can be traced back to the high protein content.´

´In the past, it was recommended that mussels and oysters were only consumed in months containing the letter «r». This doesn’t apply now that cold chains can be maintained without a problem in the warm summer months too. Some wild oysters are only available seasonally, though. For example, wild Irish oysters have to be enjoyed between November and February.´

´Hardcore oyster fans enjoy oysters as nature created them – straight from the shell and without any accompaniments. The flavour is most intense that way. The most famous ingredients to combine with oysters are a splash of red wine vinegar with shallots, a pinch of black pepper, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a sip of champagne.´

´If you struggle with shucking oysters, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s an alternative. The French sell oysters that are «facil à ouvrir» or easy to open. A special technique is used to open the shell, which is then sealed shut using wax to ensure that no air can get in. An oyster knife can then be used to open the shell with ease at the point where the wax was applied. This can all be arranged when you place your order.´

´Oysters should not be eaten if they are already open, no longer in clear water or even dry. You can also be sure that an oyster has gone off if its flesh is cloudy, very milky or even spongy and dry. And don’t forget to use the sniff test to check that an oyster still smells like fresh seawater.´

G. Bianchi AG Luca & Dario Bianchi
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